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Purpose & Spark

My first moment I felt purpose in counseling was in grade school when I counseled a classmate who was crying after being teased. We were both sensitive little souls, and I recognized her suffering because I knew what it felt like. I felt this spark as I got older, but waited until I was stronger internally prior to becoming a professional counselor.  

I believe building trust and mutual respect between a counselor and a client is fundamental. This one-sided relationship is unique as it offers a chance for you to have a time dedicated to your own growth. It is a reflective and meditative time for you to explore your own perspectives and modes of operating in a private and safe environment.

I want to shine light on your strengths and guide you toward understanding and accepting any perceived limitations. I see myself as a facilitator and advocate of your healing. I offer creative approaches and tangible skills aimed to spark insight and awareness.

Image by Paolo Nicolello
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